Nugroho Gito

Software Client Architect

15 years comprehensive international experience in software design & implementation, specifically in Banking and mission critical applications.

Part of the transformation team during critical major shift from Distributed Core Banking System to Centralized Core Banking migration in major Banks in South East Asia & Greater China during early 2000 until early 2010.
Involved in world’s largest technology migration from Magnetic Stripe based Debit Card to Chip based Debit Card based on PBOC standard (EMV compliant) in Greater China, that significantly reduced Card Fraud and helping life of many people by delivering more secure transaction platform.

Currently focusing on digital transformation in Banking Industry, and creating an impact to financial life of many people and help them to improve their day to day Banking experience using strategic Digital Banking initiatives.

– Cognitive Computing
– Hybrid Cloud Computing
– Cognitive Banking
– Solution Design
– Enterprise Software Architecture


7 December 2016
Tantangan dan Harapan Teknologi Big Data di era Transformasi Digital
Seminar Area
14:15  -  14:45
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